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General Information:-

Use Debre Markos University link Under Academic Resource link for Debre Markos university students and staff.

use ANRS Education Bureau link Under Academic Resource link for Amhara regional education bureau student and staff.

Debere markos university lecturer's who wants to use E-learning module privileges you can contact via help link.

For Students:-

You can get the Academic Resource by clicking the link Academic Resource on the left menu and navigate through and select Your institution.

You can use MOSHE link as alternative reference.

For Teachers, Departments And Colleges:-

you can use the Admin Login link on the left menu to upload data to the system.

You can manage and upload Academic Resource which is in pdf,word,ppt,audio ,video format to the system.

If you want to manage your own files and folders as well,you can get contact address from help link. and get privileges.

Use The Following Phone and Email

Name:- Gashaw Taye

Position:- Software Development Team leader

Phone:- 0911022966

Debre Markos University